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Calypso: A BaCC :: Fall: Arden

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Calypso: A BaCC
Fall: Arden

Building Greyshire: Week Five - Grey

Week 5: Grey! I made sure not to be too wordy this time.

Monday for the Grey boys meant school and school meant homework.
Unlike his younger brothers, Sampson was not a fan of either. He still went, of course, seeing as his mom was the mayor and all that, but it was probably his least favorite thing to do.
Luckily, Elijah had arranged a little pick-me up for both his brothers. "You're going to love it, Dylan. It'll be good for you," Elijah smiled at his younger brother knowingly.

Dylan looked unsure. "I dunno, 'Lijah. I don't even know what's going on."

His older brother pointed at something behind him. "Monday is Fun Day, Dylan."

Dylan turned back around, a thoughtful look on his face. "You know, you might be onto something here, Lijah."

Soon all three of the boys had girls (well, a boy in Dylan's case, which was not really a surprise to his older brothers) and the dates had commenced.

"You're Logan Copur, right?" Elijah asked his date shyly. He was still recovering from seeing the poor girl fall from the sky. She seemed okay, though. Excited even. Maybe it's her first date, too, he thought hopefully.

She nodded, her blue eyes lighting up. "Yeah. And you're Elijah, right? I see you all the time in school, but we've never really got to talk before."

"I know, that's why this is so great," Elijah said excitedly. "I finally get to talk to you after staring at you for so long." Logan burst into giggles and he blushed. "Er - I mean -"

Logan interrupted him, a huge smile on her face, "Don't worry. I don't think it's creepy. In fact, it's kinda cute. And to tell you the truth, I've been staring at you, too."

Elijah smiled. "Well, I guess this was fate, huh?"

The dates went by quickly - each ending in their own different way. For Dylan, it was just a first kiss, no strings attached.
Sampson and Amy didn't hit it off that well, but by the end of their date, the two were friends.

Sampson didn't really mind. She smelled a little bit too much like newspapers.

Logan and Elijah's date, however, seemed to be over way to soon for the both of them. Elijah had loved every moment of it - Logan was funny, kind, and beautiful. There was something about her that made him feel  . . . whole.

This is not a YA novel, idiot, he chided himself. But when he looked at Logan - with her pale blue eyes and simple beauty - he swore he felt butterflies.

So he went for it.

And it all clicked.

A few minutes after her son's dates had headed home, Lillian arrived home from work.

It had been a long day at the office. Policies, the upcoming election, budgets to look over. Plus, Lillian's mind had been on something else all day long - Linda. When Lillian had finally reconciled with her wife, she had thought everything would go back to normal, but there was a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach.
Everything is fine, Lillian told herself, but she didn't really believe it.

All day long - Lillian had tried to tell herself that her marriage was going to be fine again. But then she realized -
she didn't want fine.
And she was beginning to realize that Linda didn't want what she wanted at all.

Linda wanted something completely different.

It turns out, Lillian had been dead wrong.

And when Lillian ended her marriage of almost twenty years- for the first time in a long time, something feltright.

It wasn't hard for the kids to accept. Dylan took it the hardest - he had the best relationship with Linda, after all. But Sampson and Elijah barely batted a eye. They had realized Linda's true colors years before their mom had.

And Linda - well, she was perfectly happy. Ecstatic. After all, all she'd ever wanted was to top the Athletic Career. Lillian had just been a stepping stone. Linda could finally have everything she had ever wanted -

- or so she thought.

The boys grieved in their own way, but at the end of the day,

they still had each other. The Greys were a family, through and through. Even though they had lost one, it seemed like they had just gained each other through everything.

The boys would move on, in time.

Lillian, it turned out, would move on much quicker.

Demi Love couldn't help but smile at her old friend, despite the present circumstances. The two had gotten closer over the past few weeks. Demi had become Lillian's closest friend. "Hey, Lil. How are you holding up?"

There was a long silence.

"I don't - I don't even know," Lillian got out, her face wilting. She bit her lip, searching for words. "I mean, it was always Linda and I. And now she's gone. I don't know how to live without her. She messed up. She hurt us so much, but I still miss her. A little bit. But that's not it." Lillian met Demi's eyes. "I don't know if I can do this without her."

"Of course you can do it, dummy. You're mayor of Sim freaking City. You're strong and smart. Your boys adore you. You've built this town up from the ground. Look at it now," Demi smiled gently. "When I look at you, Lillian, I don't question anything. You can do this. Without a doubt."

A smile spread over Lillian's face. She didn't really know what to say, so she just said, "Thanks, Demi."

"Well, next time it'll cost ya," Demi said.

For for the first time since she had divorced her wife, Lillian laughed. She had missed laughing. But even more so - she had missed being alive.

And Demi helped her do that.

Teenager will be teenagers. The boys snuck out almost every night during Week 5 with their respective others.

It was a good thing their mom was dating a cop.

For the next few days Lillian and Demi were inseparable. Demi would come right over to the Grey's after her shift and the two would spend hours playing poker with the boys, watching old movies, and talking.
What was a friendly relationship slowly began to turn into something else.

Before anyone knew it, Demi was a part of the Grey family.

She would never, ever take Linda's place. Demi knew that. She gave the boys space to grieve.

But she also gave everyone space to grow.

Early Saturday morning Demi finally got up the courage to ask Lillian the question that had been on her mind for as long as she had known her.

Demi cleared her throat nervously, looking up into Lillian's golden eyes. "Lillian Grey?"

"Yes, Demi?" Her girlfriend teased expectantly.

"I love you more than anything in the whole, and I can't go one more day without you being mine. I was wondering if you'd marry me so I never have to go one moment without you?"

Lillian slipped the ring onto her finger, her eyes shining. "Of course, love."

"How do you feel about shotgun weddings?" Demi whispered, tightening her arms around her fiance's waist.
"Pretty unbiased. Why do you ask?" Lillian leaned back, looking into Demi's eyes curiously.

"Well, I just thought we should get married before I give birth to our first child," Demi grinned mischievously.

Lillian grinned. "This," she said, "is why I love you."

Besides the death of their mother and gaining a new one, the Grey boy's week had been pretty uneventful.All three had school, homework, and jobs. Their new relationships had been put on hold for the week, which was understandable.

But, Sampson and Elijah couldn't hold off the future forever. Soon, they would be adults.

"What on earth are we going to do?" Elijah asked his brother.

Sampson raised his eyebrows. "Dude, you're asking me? I'm failing my senior year. I thought you had this one."

The two boys were quiet for a moment. Elijah and Sampson had always been close, even more so in the past week. "Well, I don't wanna live here," Sampson finally said, motioning around them. "I love Mom and Demi, but . . ."

"It's sad here," Elijah said knowingly.


Elijah sighed softly. He wanted someplace of his own. Where there wasn't messy situations and death and grief. "Why don't we just get a house together?" He finally asked, turning to look at his older brother. "You and me?"

Sampson's eyes lit up. He slapped his brother on the back. "I knew you were smart, Lijah! It'll be great. We can do whatever we want. Keggers every night. As many girls as we want. Just us. Yeah?" He turned to look at his brother.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Elijah nodded, but he was frowning slightly.

"What's wrong?" Sampson asked.

"What's a kegger?"

Sunday seemed like the perfect day for Lillian's and Demi's shotgun wedding.
"Nervous?" Lillian whispered, remembering her past marriage. It had been almost a week since Linda died. She had thought they were going to be together forever and now . . .
Demi's soft voice cut through her thoughts, "no, I'm not nervous. I'm so happy, Lillian. All I've ever wanted was to spend my entire life with the person I love. And now, it's finally happening. I am not nervous - I'm so happy."

That was more than enough to convince Lillian.

And that's all for the Greys this week! Did you like this kind of update better? It's less wordy. I would love to hear your thought OR if you have any baby names to suggest for Lillian and Demi's children!

Happy simming!

Building Greyshire - Week Four: Nims

Another installment of my BaCC: Building Greyshire, with a brand spanking new family.
I took a break from heavy plot this time :)
Featuring sims  and a house from slyndsey.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Shelby and Astrae Nims are the newest additions to Greyshire.
Shelby, a Popularity sim, is seeking to open the first cafe in little Greyshire, ultimately becoming the first sim to enter the Culinary career.
Astrae is yet another Family sim joining the ranks, who was ready to follow her new husband anywhere, even if it meant traveling across the sim universe.
It was Monday morning, and the Nims were finally moved into their new starter home. Shelby started the week off right by flirting with his wife.
They finally had a home of their own. Now all they needed were some ginger babies to fill it up with.

Shelby Nims
LTW: Top Culinary
The first thing he did after moving in was to write in his diary about a TV he has never seen before, but what he really wants.
Dream big, kid.
By mid-morning, the couple had settled into their new home.

 - just in time to meet their new neighbors.
Ivy couldn't help but grin as she shook Astrae's hand. The Nims were definitely going to be an interesting addition to Greyshire.
"So how do you like your new home, Astrae?" Missie Geeke asked her new neighbor, awkwardly trying to situate herself on the ground, but her swollen belly was in the way.

"It's pretty nice. In fact, the whole town seems pretty nice so far. Nothing out of the ordinary," Astrae shrugged simply. "Nothing . . . exceptional."
Missie nodded. "I can agree with you there. Greyshire is pretty simple."
"For now," Ivy added with a knowing smile. "Just wait. Before we know it something crazy is bound to happen."
"I dunno," Astrae frowned slightly, "in a little town like this? What could go wrong?"
Missie raised her eyebrows, placing a hand on her belly. "I guess we'll just have to wait awhile and see."
By the time Tuesday rolled around, the Nims were getting a little stir crazy. Luckily, they got a call from Lilliam Grey - the founder and mayor of Greyshire - to let them know that they were allowed to open their first business.
It was a small plot of land, but it didn't take long for the Nims to start selling in earnest.

Shelby stuck to the cash register, letting his wife handle the sales. She seemed to be a bit more persuasive than he was.
But a bit less focused.
Either way, the Nims soon found themselves enough money to put a roof over their heads.
The rain faded away to a beautiful day - it seemed a little bit like magic, in all honesty.
The Nims went home after a successful day, tired and in desperate need of showers.
Astrae was a Family sim. She knew what it meant.
Soon they'd be adding a rugrat to the mix.

In celebration, Astrae tried to cook some hot dogs, but it didn't work out.
She decided to leave the cooking to Shelby after that.

Her hopes were confirmed the next morning. She was pregnant.
"Hello in there!" Shelby fawned over his wife's bulging stomach. He glanced up at her with a smile. "How many you got in there, 'Strae?"

"Hopefully just one, Mister, or you're in trouble."

Shelby rolled his eyes and went back to making faces at his wife's belly. He was thrilled that he was going to be a father - one baby, two, three, he didn't really care.

And, really, neither did Astrae.

Seeing as their cafe (Nims Naught) was at Level 5, Shelby proceeded to get a job in the Culinary tract. It didn't pay much and it had long hours, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Before Astrae knew it, it was time for her to be a mother. The unfamiliar pains hit her while Shelby was at work.

At least she had something to look forward to.

And she did. Astrae gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they named Aris.

Aris was a mini replica of his daddy. No ginger babies for the Nims household, it seemed.
But he was a a happy baby, and spolied very much by his mother and father.

Aris' baby days passed quickly and it was soon time for his birthday, which gave Shleby a perfect excuse to throw a party.

And to show off his smustle face.

Overall, the couple was fitting in seamlessly to life in Greyshire.
They had a nice buisness, were friends with all their neighbors, and were starting a family.
No one even questioned how perfect the Nims had it.
Aris grew up into an adorable little boy. He had inherited his parent's outgoing attitude, and his father's dancing skills.

Aris Nims
5/5/3/8/4 (which is exactly his mother's personality)
It was at that party that Astrae discovered she was pregnant once again - pleasant surprise.
Shelby took advantage of his most recent promotion in order to try to teach Aris how to talk and let his wife rest.
However, Aris proved to be just as stubborn as his mother, so Shelby had to crack out the Smart Milk.
After a good night's sleep, both Aris and Astrae were more productive.
He was, after all, a mommy's boy.
Astrae grew bigger and bigger, even more so than when she was pregnant with Aris.
She had her fingers crossed for twins - one less birthing experience to go through. She didn't mind being pregnant, it
was just that the whole 'giving birth' thing was not fun.
As his wife's pregnancy progressed, Shelby found himself spending more time with his son.
And racking up friends for more promotions.
Astrae's pregnancy flew by.
Now comes the not fun part.

Astrae soon held a baby in her arms, much to her relief.
"Hello there, Mic," she cooed, touching her daughter's little features. "You look just like your daddy." Astrae was about to say something else, but she felt the pains again. "Twins!"

"I can't watch."

It didn't take long, though, before the Nims were parents for the third time to another little boy, Rubix.
The twins were fed and put to bed in the early hours of Monday morning.

By the time 6:59 rolled around, the Nims were ready for another week in Greyshire.

Astrae Nims
LTW: Errr, I forgot. TTYS
She's actually really mischievous - stealing papers, kicking over trashcans, and causing ruckus around town.
I love her.
That's all for the Nims this week. It was a pretty peaceful week, but nothing is ever as it seems.
Life in Greyshire can't stay peaceful forever.

Thanks for reading! Drop me a comment with your thoughts :)
Below is a picture of the Nims home! It was not created by me!

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Building Greyshire - Week Four: Geeke

Update time??!! Heck to the yes. Plus, it's the Geeke family. I love me some Geekes.
I just started posting this on LJ. You can read the previous weeks here.
This is plotty, just so you know.
[Click me! Click me!]
Last week the Geekes settled into Greyshire. Duncan came to Greyshire in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist and also to be the first Knowledge sim in the area. He must go through two alien pregnancies before topping the career, as per Lillian Grey's instructions.

Duncan's flatmates, however, don't have the honorable intentions that he does. Missie and Zeke were homeless when Lillian found them in Sim City. Zeke, ever the Romance sim, immediately seduced  La Shawn Cameron and she was soon pregnant and moved into the household.

Missie, on the other hand, set her sights on Duncan, who is oblivious to the fact that her intentions are not exactly honorable.


Missie had a way of getting what she wanted.

It helped that Duncan was hopeless in love with her. They had known each other for a week and he was already wrapped around her finger.

Soon I'll have a ring there, too, Missie mused. She'd be the wife of the richest man in Greyshire. Duncan was hopelessly a Knowledge sim. They took love when it came and didn't think twice, two busy with their heads in a book to realize what it really was or who the person really was, in Duncan's case.

While Missie was sure Duncan was going to ask her to marry her, getting knocked up might help her case even more.

Missie was nothing if not thorough.

It wasn't hard to convince Duncan.

He'd been in love with that girl since the moment he'd laid eyes on her.

Missie did pop later that night. It was still a surprise. She'd never actually been pregnant before, but what did it matter? It wasn't as if she'd actually take care of the thing. Duncan would be more than easy to convince to hire a nanny.

Still, a little part of her was nervous. She was in deep now. There was no backing out. She was going to be a mother in three short days.

Outside the home, La Shawn Cameron was in the process of becoming a mother.

Boolprop, this is painful, she thought between the harsh pains. But it was worth it. La Shawn had wanted a baby for as long as she could remember. And who knew - maybe the baby would knock some sense into Zeke, make him more  . . . family-oriented.

Once he sees her . . . then he'll want to marry me,  La Shawn figured. Another contraction swept over her and her thoughts became otherwise absorbed.

La Shawn soon held a pale baby girl in her arms. "Hello there, love," she smiled softly at her daughter."What should your name be?"

The night was quiet, slightly cold and smelling of winter. Winter - purity, snow, freshness, cozy nights in, and children building snowmen.

La Shawn nodded. "Hello there, Winter."

It soon became apparent that Winter was not going to be an only child.
La Shawn gave birth to another little girl, whom she named Snow.

La Shawn threw all her time into making sure Snow and Winter were spoiled. La Shawn spent all her time with the girls, careful to avoid Zeke and his moods.
The girls weren't without a male figure, though. Duncan actually stopped studying long enough to coo at them.

Duncan was thrilled at the idea of having a family.

For once, Duncan's life was more than just books and telescopes. He was in love with a beautiful woman who was about to have his baby. He had a job in the Science career. He had a home.
What more could he ask for?

Missie grew bigger and bigger, and more than once she found herself taking care of the twins. She felt . . . bad for La Shawn. Being in love with someone who didn't love her back -

Don't think about that, she cut herself off. You can't get attached.

But for the first time in her life, Missie was starting to feel guilty.

The twin's baby days passed quickly and it was soon time for the first birthday in the Geeke home.

Snow grew up looking exactly like her father. She was bubbly and outgoing, always on the move and begging for attention. She had a habit of playing in the toilet, much to La Shawn's displeasure.

Snow Cameron

Winter, on the other hand, looked exactly like her mother. She wasn't as bubbly or active as her sister, but she was far more neat. Both girls, it seemed, inherited their father's grumpiness.
Winter Cameron
Later that same night, Missie woke up to pain she had never felt before.
This is it. There's no going back now, she thought.
Before long, Missie gave birth to a son. He was the spitting image of Duncan - birthmark and all. The same blue eyes. But her hair. He had her hair.
He was hers.
She was his mother - he would always love her and she would love him. Missie swallowed. "Hello there, Laurie," she whispered and to her joy, the baby's eyes lit up.

Meanwhile, outside the Geeke home . . .

Duncan's night was not going as planned.

Missie didn't even realize her husband's absence.

The saucer flew away after spitting Duncan out, leaving him in confused wonder, with only a faint sound of a lullaby as a goodbye.
Bright and early the next morning, La Shawn found herself teaching her girls how to talk. They had already mastered their other toddler skills, but it bothered her that she has been the one to teach them everything. They would have no memories of their father.

She had never imagined that for her children.

La Shawn loved babied - in fact, she wanted four more of her own.

But she wasn't sure she wanted them with Zeke.
"Oh," Duncan looked down at his swollen stomach. So he was pregnant. Not that he hadn't believed Lillian when she said he'd become impregnated, but  . . . he hadn't believed Lillian. But here he was - pregnant.

Well - off to work, Duncan sighed inwardly. He couldn't imagine what his colleagues would say - or do to him.

He glanced down at his stomach awkwardly. "Don't worry though, I won't let them  hurt you."

Zeke, who had taken a job in the athletic career without Lillian's knowing, had been fired.

To top it off - Linda Grey had been the one to fire him.

Zeke's resentment of the Grey family may have been just beginning, and it was far from done.

By coincidence, Zeke ran into Adam Copur, the other Romance sim in Greyshire. He had heard Adam ran a music business or something, and was married.

It won't last, Zeke mused, giving the man a once over.

"So do you have any kids?" Zeke asked after the two had greeted each other.

"Four, with one more on the way," Adam said, his voice dripping with pride. "Do you?"

"Yeah, I think so," Zeke said dismissively. "Hey, do you have any openings at your club or whatever?"

Adam raised his eyebrows. "Well, first off - it's not a club. It's pretty much a glorified stage. And no - I don't have any opening for you." Adam did not add that Lillian had specifically told him not to hire Zeke or Missie. At first, he's been confused, but after meeting Zeke, Adam understood Lillian perfectly. "Sorry."

Zeke waved off the apology. "Don't worry. I've got enough money now from La Shawn. I'll just find another townie who wants to settle down. And then I'll have enough money to start a club - I'll be Mr. Big in Greyshire before anyone knows what's hit them."

Adam tilted his head slightly. "You . . . took La Shawn's money? Isn't she the mother of your children and all?"

Zeke raised an eyebrow. "I'm a Romance sim. Do I look like I give a damn? My sister and I didn't come to Greyshire to settle down."

"Then . . . why did you come?" Adam wondered.

Zeke smirked. "Good things come to those who wait, Mr. Copur. Don't worry it won't take long. I have my sights set on another girl to screw over, oh - and Missie's got that Knowledge sim's fingers wrapped around her."

Adam put his hands on his hips, glancing toward the house. "I see."

Duncan grew bigger every day. He was the most popular guy at the Lab, always being asked questions about his pregnancy and abduction. But, he was moody and tired and felt, well, fat.

How do women do this all the time? He wondered with a sigh, heading toward the bathroom to pee yet again.

Laurie's baby days were soon over, and grew up into a curious toddler. He was a perfect mix of his mother and father, both of which were insanely proud of their son. Duncan, sadly, had missed most of his infancy because of his pregnancy, and Missie - well, she was there when she felt like it.

Laurie Geeke

The cousins quickly befriends each other. Laurie was far nicer than the two girls, and it seemed to work magic over them. The three existed in a peaceful harmony after Laurie grew up - much to La Shawn's relief. She was tired of the girls constantly stealing each others bottles.

"So, how do you know Zeke?" La Shawn asked the unfamiliar woman uneasily. Zeke had a habit of inviting townie women into their home, but usually they were only there for a few hours. This one, however, had been here all day. La Shawn didn't like it - Zeke was committed to her and their daughters. He didn't always need to have strange women around.

The woman grinned at her. "Zeke and I know each other very well. We used to work together."

"Just leave her alone, La Shawn. Aren't you supposed to be taking care of the girls?" Zeke demanded, giving her a condescending look.

La Shawn chose to ignore Zeke's comment, but it still made her skin burn. "It's nice that you stopped by, but you do really need to leave now. Zeke and I have to put our daughters to bed," La Shawn told the woman.

Zeke groaned. "Boolprop, when will you learn to shut your mouth?"

La Shawn knew what she should do - stand up and tell him off. Scream, yell, anything to stop his poor treatment of her. But, she didn't. He's just had a rough day, she thought. He seemed to have those every day.

When will you stop making excuses for him? A voice in her head demanded.

The answer came to her quickly.

Very quickly in fact.

"Get up," La Shawn growled, her brown eyes hard.

She was done.

Zeke stood up, brushing off his hands with a smirk on his face. "Do you have something to say, sweetheart? No? That's what I thought. Now go put the girls to bed and I'll be waiting in our bedroom -"

"Zeke?" La Shawn cut him off, her face unreadable.

He narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"Shut your mouth."

Needless to say, the conversation didn't end well.

Well, Duncan thought, this makes things a little more interesting.

Even though La Shawn won the fight, she didn't win the battle. Zeke still flaunted his new relationship in her face. I was so stupid. How did I believe him?
She had been a fool. Looking back, La Shawn could see that he had been using her. He was a
Romance sim - and not the good kind. Even though she knew he didn't care, she still hurt. She had loved him in her innocent, naive way.
All she knew now was that she couldn't stay there any longer.
By the time Friday morning rolled around, it was time for Duncan to pop.
How, he wondered, is this going to work?

He didn't have to wait long for his answer? Soon he held a green little boy in his arms. An alien baby. Duncan stared at the baby for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then, his son reached for him and he felt his heart melt. "Welcome home, Hal."
I guess men do get mothering instincts, he mused with a grin.

Duncan also gave birth to another little boy, whom he named Teddy. He was officially the proud father of three beautiful little boys. He couldn't wait to see Missie's reaction. Duncan also couldn't wait for the fact that he now got to spend time with Laurie instead of sleeping and peeing all day.
With a smile, he tucked his son into his arms and headed toward the nursery.
The Cameron girls grew up that afternoon after returning home from school. They grew up into beautiful, happy young ladies.

"Duncan, have you seen my -?" Missie walked into the kitchen, her blue eyes landing on Duncan. He stood stock still, staring at the wall. She frowned. "Duncan?"
Silently, he hung up the phone. Missie took an unsteady step forward. "Sweetheart?"

"Sweetheart?" Duncan echoed, finally turning around. Missie blinked when she saw the expression on his face. She started to ask what was wrong, but he cut her off. "I just got a call from Lillian Grey. She told me that you and your brother used to be con men,"  he said, sounding horrified.

Missie was quiet for a moment. "Technically I was a con woman."

"Stop it," he ordered darkly, his eyes flashing. "This is not the time for sarcastic remarks. I don't know why you think this is funny, and I honestly don't care, but I am not amused."

Missie bit her lip. "Is that all that Lillian said, Duncan?"

He sighed, his eyes flickering away from hers. "She said that you're only here to get my money and then - you'll be gone with it." He paused brokenly, not knowing what to say. "Is that true, Missie?"

"It's true," she whispered, watching his reaction.

Duncan covered his mouth with one hand. He had trusted her - loved her, even. If this is what he got for loving, he was done. If this is what he got for wanting to have a family and settle down -

"It is true, Duncan. I came here to screw you over. Zeke came here to screw women over, too, but I'm different than he is," Missie said, her blue eyes pleading.

"Humor me," Duncan replied darkly.

Missie was quiet for a moment. "I was planning to use the fact that you were going to be a Mad Scientist for my advantage. Once you were rich and well-known, I would leave with it all. But . . . then we had a son."

The room was dead quiet.

Her blue eyes met his and she smiled, her entire face lighting up. "And it changed everything. Not just Laurie - but you, too. I could see you in that little boy and when I watched the way you held him, I knew that I was in too deep this time. You and that little boy stole my heart. And I don't care about money, really, anymore. For once, I'm happy," her eyes searched his.

"And I know that if I leave here, after screwing up your life, I will never be happy again. I want to stay here with you and our family, Duncan. I found my happiness in you and Laurie, and now I'll find it with Teddy and Hal, too. If you'll let me," she added finally.

Duncan was quiet for a long time. Finally, he sighed and smiled softly, "of course I'll let you, love."

In fact, he took it one step further.
Duncan watched her face after he asked her, and she confirmed it everything for him. Her entire face lit up and she looked like she was going to cry. Their eyes met and she grinned shyly at him.

He knew, then. That she loved him. And that he, too, loved her.

More than she'd ever really know, but he loved her.

The two decided to tie the knot right there - Duncan was taking any chances, and neither was Missie.
They were ready to see where their lives took them together.

"I love you," Duncan said afterwards, smiling tenderly at his wife.

"I love you, too, dork," Missie whispered, kissing him gently. Their lips met for a moment before she pulled back and looked at his eyes. "Forever?"

He nodded. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

The two celebrated in the best way they knew.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Laurie grew up into a handsome child.

He hadn't really been around his parents that much so far in his life. He understood, though. His father had been pregnant, and his mother, well she had been preoccupied too. But he was going to change that.

After all, he was very much his parent's child.

Laurie and Duncan spent hours together at the chess board, making up for the times Duncan had been absent. The two were both very serious and shy in the same way, but they were soon best friends.

Laurie even beat his dad at chess once or twice.

Missie and Laurie started repairing their relationship, too. He was overjoyed when he found out he was going to have another sibling. Hal and Teddy were cool to look at, but they didn't do much. Just slept and cried.

Next week, though, they were going to be toddlers and he'd have another sibling to play with.

Missie thought her son was going to die from excitement.

Laurie was a good kid, his parents discovered. And the family was looking forward to the next week, eager to see where is would take them.

It was Sunday morning in Greyshire, and Michelle Tse was taking a deep breath of the fresh, clean air. She could actually breathe here, unlike the smoggy air of the city.

"Michelle!" A familiar voice called her name. Michelle grinned.

"La Shawn," Michelle leaned into kiss her best friend's cheek. "Thanks for inviting me over."

La Shawn grinned, eager to see her friend. She had barely seen Michelle at all since she moved to Greyshire. "How have you been?"

"Fine, fine, but I've missed having you around," Michelle admitted. Her eyes went to the pink house behind her. "Do you like it here?" She asked kindly.

"I liked being a townie with you more," La Shawn admitted, "but I do love my girls. I've told them about you. They're very excited. Be warned, they do have a mean streak like their father."

"I can't wait to meet them! And your husband!" Michelle grinned excitedly. She watched La Shawn's face fall slightly. She frowned. "What's wrong?"

"He's not my husband. He tricked me. He made me think he was a Family sim so I'd move in with him, but he's not," La Shawn said quietly.

Michelle pulled her friend in for a hug. "You don't deserve that. He's an idiot."

"Well, he is a red head," La Shawn said with a smile. Michelle rolled her eyes. She started to say something, but La Shawn cut her off -

"There," La Shawn said proudly, her brown eyes lighting up as she let her best friend go.

There was a beat of silence.

The two burst into giggles.

"I've been waiting for that to happen for as long as I can remember," Michelle admitted through her laughter.

"I think I have too. I just had to realize it first," La Shawn agreed.

Michelle snorted. "Man, you are smooth. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"You did, just now," La Shawn smiled, searching Michelle's eyes. "I want you to move in with us. The girls are finally old enough - we're getting a place of our own tonight. Will you come with us?"
Michelle grinned and accepted her best friend's embrace. "Of course I will."
That night, Duncan got abducted again.

A sense of relief washed over him. This, he promised, is the last time.

Well - at least he thought so.
But, if he was telling the truth, he did like being pregnant.
Maybe it wouldn't be the last time.

Either way, Missie was there too help him up off the ground. "Did you have fun?" She whispered, wrapping her arms around him.

He kissed her gently. "Not as much fun as we're about to."

It was 6:59 on Monday morning.

Five babies had been born, a wedding and two alien abductions had occurred, and La Shawn Cameron and her two daughters were moving out to start a brand new life with Michelle Tse.

Building Greyshire: a BaCC

I've finally jumped on the band-wagon, folks!
This is my first ever BaCC - it is somewhat plotty. PLEASE don't judge it from the first two parts!
So, without further ado, welcome to Greyshire.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five
featuring sims from superfr0g and slyndsey


My BaCC is back, BABY!

My BaCC is back! You can go here to see all the links to where the new chapters are!!

Building Greyshire - Week Three: Grey

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[Week Three - Grey]
7:59 AM

What have I done?
 Linda Grey could hear her family getting ready for the day inside her home. The boys were probably playing with their blocks, Gretchen was getting dressed for school, and Lillian . . .
 She had let this go to far. She had to tell Lillian. Before it was too late.
"Lillian?" Linda walked into their bright kitchen, watching her wife get up from eating her grilled cheese.
Before she could say anything, however, Lillian discovered she was pregnant yet again.
Her face lit up. "Linda! We're going to have another baby!"

What perfect timing,Linda thought with a sigh. Lillian noticed her facial expression.
"Don't worry, you don't have to get pregnant again. I volunteered already." Lillian grinned at her wife playfully. Linda's plain face made me shift uneasily. "Aren't you happy?"

 Linda swallowed. How could she tell her now? She cleared her throat and forced a smile on her face. "Of course, love. I'm  . . . too excited for words. Really."
Lillian's smiled widened and she pulled her wife into a hug. "Well, I'd hope so, Mrs. Grey. There's no going back now."
Linda let herself be pulled into a long kiss, her mind going through the past conversation - looking for a way, any way, to get out. She had to tell Lillian what she was thinking. She had to.
 Lillian pulled back. "Well, I have to go to work. I'll see you around 4, okay?"

 "Okay." Linda watched her wife leave.
"Ugh," Linda put her hand to her head. Boolprop help me.
Since Gretchen and Lillian were away for the day, Sampson and Elijah pretty much stayed by their activity
 table all day. Which they didn't really mind.
That night, it was time for the first child of Greyshire to grow up.
 Gretchen felt the need to spin. She glanced down at her child sized body. No more grade school, getting swung around by her Moms, and no more going to bed at sundown.
She didn't mind growing up at all.
Gretchen grinned at herself in the mirror. The teenage years. This, she grinned, is going to be fun.
A few hours after his older sister, it was Sampson's turn to grow up.
 The toddler looked around the almost empty room and smiled at his little brother. "Bye, bye, Lijah!"
With a turn and a sparkle, Sampson grew into a handsome child. He looked over his new body and clapped his hands together excitedly. "I can eat all the cookies I want now, Lijah!"
"Me too?" Elijah asked his big brother. "Cookies?"

 "Of course, Lijah," Sampson leaned down to tickle his little brother, "that's what big brothers and sister's are for. Gretchen taught me that."

 The little boy giggled. "Cookie now, Sammy?"
The little boys were a handful, but Gretchen spent most of her time entertaining them.

 "One more time, Gretch?"

 "Okay," she relented, "but this is the LAST one, okay?"

 "Psssh. You said that three times ago, Sissy."
She didn't mind playing with her brothers at all - in fact, she kind of liked it.
The next few days seemed to fly by the Grey house. Lillian grew bigger and bigger -
a new teenager talked her head off -
Linda worked her business up the ranks -
managing to meet many new friends and make a pretty hefty sum of money -
all in all - life was easy and laid back for the Grey's.
It only made sense to add another ball of energy to the mix.
 Lillian groaned as she felt the familar pains hit her.This, she promised herself, is the last one.
Before she knew it, her baby was born. He was exactly like his older brothers - eyes, hair, skintone, everything.  She held the newborn up and watched his eyes light up. "Welcome home, little one."
She looked over her new son proudly. "You," she tickled him, "look like a Dylan."
 And so Dylan Grey became the newest member of the Grey household.
Needless to say, he was fawned over relentlessly.
For his few days of babyhood, Dylan was always being played with, fed, or held.
And when he wasn't, well -
He just screamed until somebody else came to pick him up.
Everyone was a little relieved when he became a toddler.
Very relieved.
"What the heck, Linda?" Lillian stumbled after her wife into the front yard. It was Thursday night - the family had been watching a movie together when Linda had literally pulled her wife from the couch and into the night air. Lillian shivered. "What's going on?"
"I have to tell you something. You can go back to your little movie after I'm done." Linda said easily, with a wave of her hand.

 "Well, what is it?"

 Linda smiled tightly. "Okay, just listen, all right? I know you have to talk all the time and be in control. But, for once, just let me have a moment, okay?"
Lillian placed her hands on her hips. "Go ahead," she said curtly.

 Linda sighed. "I just . . . I can't do this anymore, Lillian."

 "Do this?" Her wife frowned. "Do what? You don't do anything."
"That's exactly what I'm talking about! All I do is sit at home with the kids. I've only ever been to my Gym once - it's only a level three. You take off to your lot every other day, leaving me here cooking and cleaning like your little slave. I don't want any of this! I want to be an athlete."

 "That's all you-" Lillian tried to say, but was cut off.
"I told you to be quiet.Just. This. Once." Linda's eyes narrowed. "Why can't I have my dream, Lillian? When I married you . . . I thought I was going to do what I wanted. I've just been pulled along the whole time. I'm important too, Lillian."

There was a long silence. Lillian put her hands on her hips. "Are you done, Linda?"

 "Yes, Lillian."
Lillian shook her head at her wife. "Do what you want, Linda. At the moment, I don't really give a crap." She shook her head and took a step backwards, "Just remember - you're responsible for your family, okay? We all need you."

 Linda only nodded and watched as her wife turned and went back to kids.

Well, she pressed her lips together, that went well.
The next day was full of activity. Lillian got another promotion and got to come home early - Linda was gone the moment she stepped through the door, off to her gym.
The kids were happily oblivious to their mother's frosty attitude toward each other. Elijah was running around, happy to no longer be contained in the nursery.
Sampson managed to bring a new friend home everyday from school - mostly girls. But he was far from being a teenager, so they still had 'cooties'.
His mother were thankful for that.
Yes, the Grey boys were quite the Ladies' Men.
Gretchen could usually be found gardening, skilling, or smustling in the living room.
That quickly changed when she met a boy named Ricky. She didn't know if it was just hormones or loneliness
- but loved seemed to be brewing in the air.

Or something else entirely.
Elijah managed to top his class after his seconds day of school. He was definitely Lillian's son, that's for sure.
His older brother on the other hand, was not doing that well.
 Sampson looked down at the note his teacher had sent home with him.
Sampson has not turned in any work all week. In class, he does not pay attention or play well with the other teachers. Mrs. Grey, I don't mean to alarm you, but if your son continues this behavior, I'm afraid he will fail seconds grade-
"Uggh," Sampson groaned. His moms would kill him. How come Elijah got the brains and he . . . he was failing. A brilliant idea struck him.
He threw down the note and crumpled it under his foot. "There," he said, with a grin, "They'll never know."

"So, then, my teacher said that the man went on to become an amazing scientist! He was one of the most successful men who ever lived, Sammy!" Lijah gushed at his older brother. "Isn't that cool?"
"Everyone knows money is the only thing that can make you happy, Lijah," Sammy rolled his eyes. "Right, Mom?"

 Lillian raised her eyebrows. "Everyone wants different things for their lives, Sam. Weather it's money, knowledge, or popularity. You have a long time to decide. Who knows - maybe you both will be famous scientists someday," she smiled at her boys.
"Yeah!" Elijah grinned excitedly. "Except, well, the fact that Sampson's failing second grade!"

 Lillian stopped eating. "What?"

 Sampson groaned, "Thanks a lot, Lijah."


 "Sampson Grey you get in there and get your homework this instant or-"
Lillian made sure her son studied hard after that.
Between school, making friends, and kissing Ricky - Gretchen still managed to spend time with Dylan.
And, her new cat - Noodle. Much to her mother's displeasure.
Finally it was time for Dylan to become a child. His toddler days had gone by fast - he usually had to fend for himself. Linda was never there, Lillian was busy skilling, and well, Gretchen was a teenager.
"Your room is ready, Dylan, one of your very own." Lillian smiled down at her youngest son. "I hope you like it."
Gretchen put her hands on her hips."Boys - go play downstairs. I have to talk to Mom."
 The boys scurried out of the room, Dylan talking excitedly about his new room.
"Look, Mom, I don't know what's going on with you guys, but don't make Dylan suffer. He's  . . . he wants attention all the time and he doesn't get any from you two. Just . . . I know Mom isn't into us right now, but you are." Gretchen tried not to look hurt, "sometimes we need you, Mom."
Lillian smiled sadly at her daughter. "When did you get so old and mature?"

Gretchen winked at her mother, "I've always been this way, Mother-dearest."

"How about all of us go fishing, okay? Right now." Lillian suggested.

 Her daughter grinned. "I'll get the boys."

"Thanks for inviting me over," Peter Sims took Linda's hands in his. "I thought maybe we could have some fun," he said suggestively.

 Linda smiled but there was a knot in her throat. Peter and her had gone to far, and there was no turning back. She cleared her throat. "Yeah, okay."
 He grinned.
"Where's Mom at?" Sampson looked at Lillian. "You said the whole family would fish together."

 Lillian smiled tightly at her son. "I'm sure she's coming, hun."


 She sighed. "I'll go get her."
This is what you wanted,she reminded herself. She'd been the one to kiss him first. She'd invited him over. Now . . . this was her idea the whole time. She just wanted . . . right now, she just wanted somebody. Anybody.
Maybe I should apologize to her, Lillian thought as she climbed the stairs, she's been so distant lately.
Linda found herself smiling. Peter didn't know she had kids - he didn't know what she wanted. He wasn't a promise or going to ask her to move in. That's what Lillian had been - until she'd been begged to move in - and Linda had thought it had been a good idea. But . . . then everything had went to shit.
Linda didn't know what she was thinking anymore - about her family, herself, or her wife. But when you boiled down everything - Peter Sims was just an escape.
"Lillian!" Linda backed away from her wife, glancing at the wand in Lillian's hand. "What are you doing?"

 "What are you doing, Linda? In our house, in our bed?" Lillian pointed at her. "How dare you do this to me? To us? You're so . . . you're so selfish!"
"I'm selfish?" Linda demanded. "You're the one who only cares about yourself? I didn't want any of this! I wanted to be an athlete. I didn't want kids, or a business - or - or - or this," she motioned to the both of them. "I never wanted this. I just wanted you and I, together, just  . . . not this. You're the selfish one."
"How dare you," Lillian said quietly, "how dare you. These children are yours, Linda. And mine. They're our kids. They're a part of us. I didn't make you get pregnant or make you say yes to me. You wanted to get married. You got pregnant before I did. You could've broken up with me or said no when I proposed. And now you say you don't want them? You'll throw everyone away for your career?"

 "It's my lifetime goal-"
Lillian cut her off. "Shut the hell up. I sacrificed my goal, too, Linda. I wanted to be a Criminal Mastermind - but I gave that up. For you. For Greyshire. For our kids. I sacrificed my happiness so you could be happy. No, Linda, this isn't my fault. This is all your fault. You need to grow up. Not everything's about you. So shut up and get dressed - because I can't even look at you anymore."
Lillian left the room and found Peter still lingering by the door, an angry look on his face. "You crazy-"

 "Get out of my house right now, or I swear on Boolprop - I will hurt you." She cut him off. "I may be a nice witch, but I'm not afraid to hurt scum like you."

 He laughed. "I'd like to see you try."
"Now get out," she wiped her hands, "and don't ever come near my family again. If you know what's good for you."
Lillian watched him leave. She heard Linda getting dressed in their bedroom, but she just shook her head and went back to her kids.
The weekend passed quickly. Lillian poured herself into studying her powers, the kids, work, anything but Linda.
She slowly but surely realized that she could be happy again.
The kids were, as always, happily oblivious. Sampson was too busy meeting every person he could -
while Elijah stuck to more 'practical' pursuits.
Gretchen was the only one who noticed something was up - she refused to even look at Linda.
 By early Monday morning, Linda knew she had to talk to Lillian.
The silence between them seemed to stretch into eternity. Lillian didn't even know her wife anymore. What was she supposed to say to the woman she had thought she loved?
"Do you want me to move out?" Linda asked finally, refusing to look into Lillian's eyes.

 "This is your family, too. You're responsible for these kids." Lillian gave her a hard look. She finally met her eyes, which were cold.

"Also - we're the founders of this town. Greyshire is going to be built on strong foundations. So - we're not going to tell anybody. It's going to stay in our family. More and more people will come and they will see us, in public, as a strong founding couple."
Linda nodded. "And . . . in private?"
"You know," Lillian looked up at the sky with a sigh, "I came here to get away from all the sin of the world. I found you and I loved you and I hoped with you. I can't not love you, Linda  . . . but I don't like you very much."

 Linda's grey eyes were full of remorse. "I just hope that you can forgive me, someday."
Lillian snorted and stood. "Well, until that day, the bed is yours - enjoy sleeping alone."
7:59 AM


Building Greyshire - Week Two: Copur

Week Two?! Procrastination. Wow, I hope I can keep this up. I love playing this hood - that families are awesome! Leave me a tip or drop me a comment, they make my day!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Ivy Copur walked down the little dirt path toward her new 'home'. Well, she wouldn't call it a home - yet.
 She'd promised Lillian at least two weeks. Two weeks living as a settler in Greyshire. She didn't know what would happen. But this was a chance - to have a family, to settle down. But Ivy had never been that much of a people person. If she couldn't find someone or something to make her stay after two weeks . . . she's go back to being a Townie, knowing that that was her only future.
Right as she thought that, the front door to the house flew open and out stepped a guy with flaming red hair. He took a deep breath of the morning air and saluted her. "Good day, ma'am. I presume you are Ivy Copur, right? Or else I just made a complete fool of myself."
"Uh, yeah. I mean - yes," Ivy self consciously brushed back her hair from her face, "I'm Ivy Copur."

 The man grinned widely at her. "Nice to meet you, Ivy. I'm Adam St. John - your house mate for, well, the rest of our lives."
"Er, what?"

 Adam raised his eyebrows. "Lillian didn't tell you? She didn't have enough money for a house for you and a business lot. I want to be a Rock God and I took the chance to be here. In the middle of nowhere, I'll be the only one in the Music career for a while." He stopped for a moment, sizing up her deer-in-headlights expression. "You're still processing. Okay. Well, come see the house. I promise not to bite - hard," he laughed and went into the house.

I am going to kill Lillian, Ivy thought. With a sigh, she followed him into her new house.
Adam whatever his name was could very well be a crazy person. She didn't even know the guy. And now she was stuck with him. For two weeks. But . . . no, buts. After two weeks, she'd go back to Towniedom. No doubt about it. And Adam whatever could live in this house playing his guitar all day.

 "So what are you making for us?" Adam asked brightly from the island, his green eyes following her with an amused expression, almost as if he knew what she was thinking.
She frowned, irritated by him already. He seemed so . . . confident. The opposite of her. "I'm making myself some cereal."

 "I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable. I'm obnoxious sometimes, it's a personal problem." Adam tried to lighten her mood. "And you don't have to make me cereal. I bet I'm a better cook than you anyway."

 Ivy rolled her eyes but did feel slightly more at ease.
"So what's the plan for this week?" Ivy asked when she had gotten them both a bowl of cereal.

 Adam swallowed his bite. "We're supposed to raise up money to make a music lot or club. It'll start out as a club, but we'll have to have a stage and at least 3 instruments before I can start a job in the music industry."

 "How are we supposed to raise money?"
"Well. I'll dig around this area - I've heard rumors of treasure. And I got a robot station out back for you. My welcoming gift. I can tell you're good with that kind of stuff. Smart. And I think we'll be able to make some money from that." Adam shrugged and smiled. "Sound like a plan?"

 "Better than I could have come up with," Ivy said honestly."Even if it's far fetched. You're relying a lot of luck and you're charm."

 Adam chuckled. "I'm lucky you're here - you'll keep me honest, for sure."
Ivy watched as he took another bite of the cereal. Maybe the two weeks wouldn't be that long after all.
The next two days were spent in a flurry of activity.
On Wednesday, Ivy came outside to see a beaming Adam standing by a box . . . of, well, treasure.

 "Well," Ivy grinned at him, "let's make a club, shall we?"

 "Those words are music to my ears," Adam smiled at her.
To start out, they could only afford a small stand of sorts until they started going up the ranks.
The two were a good pair. Ivy could sell to the businessmen and skeptics while Adam stuck with the average-joes and women. Always with the women. 

It was that night that Adam found an old lady lurking in front of their lot. He stared at her for a moment, putting the pieces together. "Excuse me, Miss," he said quietly, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave?"

 "Are you sure that's a wise decision, boy?" The witch's eyes glowered.

 Adam nodded slowly. "Yeah. You're ruining my sales. You have to leave."
"You and your friend will regret this," the woman put her wand away and snapped her fingers. Her broom appeared. "Mark my words."

 Adam shrugged. "Okay, do what you have to do, but leave her out of this."

 The witch laughed. "Just wait, human. I'll be back."

 Adam watched her fly away. "On that happy note," he sighed, "we close for the night."
After they had closed for the night, Ivy had tried to prepare a celebratory dinner for Adam. Turns out - she couldn't even make pancakes, resulting in the first fire in Greyshire.
"Holy boolprop, we're gonna die!"
 Ivy was not particularly calm in hostile situations.
Adam, on the other hand, jumped into action. "Get behind me!"

 "We're going to die!"

Ivy stood behind Adam as he sprayed down the fire. She heard him mumbling about something and after a few moments, he stopped.
 "Is it over?"
Ivy opened her eyes and saw the burned mess of the stove. "My pancakes!"

 "You're worried," Adam breathed, "about the pancakes?"

 She glanced at him. After a moment, they both burst into laughter.
"You are never allowed to cook anything again," Adam smiled at her, "except cereal. For me. Every morning."
"Adam St. John - had anyone told you that you're a charmer?"

 He grinned at her. "Only ever girl I've ever met."
The next day was yet again a business day. Ivy managed to get her gold sales badge, which was enough to get them to rank 4 - and a 50,000 increase in business worth.
Adam was otherwise absorbed.
But the money was put to good use and soon the first club/music hall was built in Greyshire.
Adam was the official DJ, even though he got booed practically every five minutes. But - he was happy. Once the club had enough money, it wouldn't be a club club - just a stage with three instruments.
By the next morning, all the night parties had gone and Adam finally found Ivy on the bubble blower. "Ivy? Ivy!"

 "What? Huh? Where did everyone go?"

 "Step away from the machine, Miss," he joked, offering her a hand up, "thanks for all the help. I couldn't have done this without you."

 "No problem."
"No, really," Adam pulled her into a hug, "I'm so lucky to have you as a friend, Ivy. That's why . . . well, I kinda named this place after you."

 Ivy leaned back and grinned at him. "I'm just too awesome. I've got a club named after me."

 He rolled his eyes. "Let's go home, okay?"


Ivy was honored that he had named the club after her - she had been practicing her painting, and finally finished one she thought Adam would like. She just had to work up the nerve to give it to him.
Luckily, Adam was very nosy and found it before she could chicken out and hide it.
Needless to say, Adam was thrilled and talked about it for hours, claiming he was born to be a model.
"Adam? That movie you wanted to see is on-" Ivy slid  to a stop when she saw Adam and a random girl locked together. "Oh, boolprop. Crap."

 The two pulled apart. Adam looked embarrassed but the girl just hung on him. "Sorry, Ivy. We were just, uh, saying goodbye," Adam said after a moment.

 Ivy shrugged. "Don't let me stop you."
"I'm sorry you had to see that," Adam broke the awkward silence that had been hanging around the house since Ivy had walked in on him. "She, uh, well. She kissed me-"

 "You don't have to explain anything to me," Ivy rolled her eyes. "You can sleep with whoever you want."

 Adam stared at her for a moment.
He stood, his green eyes unreadable. "Goodnight, Ivy," he said, his voice strained.

 Ivy pushed herself up. "Yeah." She watched him leave the room. After a moment, she sighed, stood, and walked to her own room.
Sunday morning rolled around, but Ivy stayed put in her room. The last week had been great. Really. Living with Adam hadn't been that bad. He was funny. Quirky. Confident. All the things she wasn't. Not to mention - he was attractive. Ivy had never been good with guys. All she had ever wanted was a guy to settle down with. A family.
 And Adam . . . wasn't interested in her.
He was a Romance sim. He didn't want to settle down. Or have kids. Adam St. John wound never, ever want someone like her. Ivy was on her own. And she wanted a family - she couldn't go back to being a Townie.
"Knock, knock," she stepped into Adam's room carefully.

 He grinned at her from the mirror. "You know, you've never come in my room before this. Did you set another fire?"

 Before she could answer, something caught her eye.
"You kept it," Ivy stared at her portrait of Adam.

 He walked up behind her and shrugged. "Of course I kept it. You made it for me. It was the first time you were ever nice to me," he joked, but she just stared at it. "Ivy?"
"I have something to say," she finally tuned around, "and you're going to think I'm crazy."
"Just tell me," Adam said after a moment, placing his hands on his hips.

Ivy pursed her lips. "Adam," she sighed, "I want you . . . to be the father of my child."
Adam's eyes widened. He took a step back, his hands flying up. "What the- are you kidding me?" He demanded, his green eyes full of disbelief. "Are you crazy?"
"I don't want to marry you. I don't want you to be a daddy or my boyfriend. I want a baby. I'm not going to end up with anybody. I want a family - but I don't want a husband. You're a Romance sim. It'll just be whohoo to you. And I'll get a baby from it. We can go back to normal . . . after." Ivy looked at him. "What do you think?"
When Adam woke up, the other side of the bed was cold. Oh my boolprop, he thought, what have I done?
Ivy was a good girl. She was sarcastic. Smarter than him. A hard worker. And she would make a good mother. She was independent, but . . . she didn't know how beautiful she was. And now - if she did get pregnant, it would be her baby. Not his. He was just the donor. Adam sighed.
 What had he done?
"Good afternoon. You made sandwiches. Yum," Ivy plopped down on the stool next to Adam and grabbed the sandwich. "You didn't have to make me lunch. I could've made it."

 Adam didn't look at her, only shrugged. "I don't mind."
There was a long silence.
 She was acting like nothing had happened when they had just . . . Adam cut the thought from his mind. He had to speak up. Say something. Before it was too late.
He cleared his throat. Her blue eyes focused on him and he shifted in his chair. "So . . . now what? Do we act like nothing happened? Pretend it was a dream?"

 "I have no idea what you're talking about."

She put down her sandwich with a heavy sigh. "It was just a one time thing, Adam. You don't want a relationship. I don't want one. I'll have the baby and you'll just be like a cool uncle. He or she won't ever know. It'll be our little secret. You don't have to worry about me. You don't have to care."
Adam swallowed his bite, his green eyes unreadable. "Ivy . . ."

 "What?" She asked, unsure.

 "But," he looked at her, "what if I do care?"

-7:59 AM-